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IW Tourney WInners!!!!

DHG KingSizeNim Admin posted Sep 12, 17

Sorry for the late announcement. It was a long weekend and the storm hit my area yesterday.

Here are the winners of the IW Uplink Tourney Ladies and Gents:

1st Place: Team Mahalo: DHG Pothshot, iGumpfer, NC17

2nd Place: The God Squad: DHJ OPEN FIRE, BluebryyumyumXD, zombiehunter640

3rd Place: Daddy Squad: DHG Jumper, UwereR3kt, SelectC3

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope to see you next time!

For those interested, I will be attempting one of these every so often. I am unable to put money up every time, but I still want to give you guys the opportunity to participate in a tournament. I'll be posting updates on my personal profile here, so check in regularly.



Greetings my fellow Die Hard Gamers,

We are having a tournament on September 9th!!! It will begin at 7pm EST and last until the winners have been decided. The gamemode will be uplink with teams of 3.

The prizes are as such:

1st Place: $25 per person (total: $75)

2nd Place: $15 per person (total: $45)

3rd Place: $10 per person (total: $30)

Total Prize Pool: $150

To sign up:

1. Gather a team of three (3) DHG/J members.

2. Decide who your Team Captain will be.

3. Have your Captain add DHG TOURNEY3.

4. Send DHG TOURNEY3 a TEXT message with the name of your team and the members of the team.

5. Be online at 7pm EST on September 9th to await an invite from one of the Tournament hosts.

NOTICE: We are in need of lobby hosts for this tournament. If you host practice on IW without the entire lobby lagging out of the game, we want you. A reward of 50 Die Hard Dollars is being offered to anyone who hosts a lobby for this tournament. If you are interested and have the specified internet connection, contact DHG KingSizeNim via private message here or on Xbox Live here.


DHG KingSizeNim Admin posted Jul 18, 17

Update Time!!!

We apologize for the lateness of this update.

As you may know, DHJ HALO no longer exists. it was merged with DHG HALO. Also, MICHAEL in DHG Seraphim has lowered their age limit to 13 along with DHG HALO. All further recruits for HALO or Black Ops 2 must be 13 years old and recruited to DHG. The HALO Hub was removed along with the HALO Forums since DHJ HALO no longer exists. Lastly, DHG KingSizeNim was promoted to JCD of Last Stand.

Thanks for your patience,

---Website Team

Update 5/2/17

DHG KingSizeNim Admin posted May 2, 17

Update Time Guys and Gals!!!

  • Polls have been updated
  • Quizzes have been revised
  • A Code of Conduct Revision is coming soon
  • A ticket submission module has been added to the Contact Us page to make it easier for you guys to contact us.
  • A Media Team application coming soon

Remember to leave your feedback as we are constantly updating the site!

DHG Inc. will be presenting a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Search and Destroy 3v3 Tournament! The tournament will be taking place Saturday April 22nd, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. EST.


Become an Offical DHG Inc. Member. (You must be signed up and accepted on the website).

Gather a team of 3 DHG Inc. Members

Have 1 member of your team send a friend request to: DHG TOURNEY2

Be online April 22nd 2017, at 7:00 P.M. EST.


1st Place: 3 month XBOX live subscription card and 1 DHG hat per team member

2nd Place: 1 month XBOX live subscription card per team member


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