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You guys seem dead without me? ;) But when crossplatform gaming comes out I'll still slay your a****.... Milkshakes
Shoutout to all the DHG INC family! hope everyone is having a good summer
no there is not
hey is there a rainbow siege 6 division and squad???
Can i please join someones bo3 ill go to practice evary day
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DHG Inc. Guide

DHG Aktive75 posted Apr 5, 16

DHG Inc. Guide is here!

We have a new function on the website. The new function is the DHG Inc. guide. The purpose of the DHG Inc. guide is to tell you the basic funtions of DHJ, how it is ran and how to run it.  You can read it all under "Intel" on the website.  Keep a look out for new and fun things on the website.  If you have any suggestions for the website post on the forums under "Things to add". Hope you enjoy everything DHJ has to offer! 

DHGBlsfulDeceit vote PollEv.com/blsfuldeciet934
DHGBlsfulDeceit hello......it me

We now have opened our doors for a Black Ops III Xbox One division! If you are looking to come and join in the next generation, you have ONE WEEK for open transfers. Afterwards you MUST go through the normal transfer process. 

The info for the division goes as follows:

Squad: VALOR 

CO: DHG Achmed 8

General: DHG Technology

Really excited to see some new faces. I see a lot of potential for this squad with the people wanting to come over. I hope to see many of you come on over and have some fun in the new game.

I will be happy to take anyone, just please let me and your higher up know you are transfering!! :)

Halo 5: Guardians

lBinaryDawnl posted Oct 28, 15

Hey guys!  Halo 5: Guardians is offically out as of yesterday!  We do have a squad open for it, and transfers are still open!


Make sure to notify your general and division leader(s) before transfering.  

Division Leader- DHG S117

General- DHG Aktive75

ATTENTION DHJ: An Xbox One GTA V division is now open for all members of DHJ! We as a community are very excited to offer you guys new games and oppertunities to try out and create a new family in. The process will go as follows:

Open transfers start MONDAY and will last for 2 WEEKS.

As with all open transfers you must make sure your higher ups are aware you are transfering, along with those on the receving end. 

The squad is called POLARIS and the division is SOLAR FLARE (SF).

Your Clan Operator (CO) will be DHG Achmed 8

The divisional leader of SF will be  DHG Viper God

The leader of Polaris will be DHG Technology

We can't wait to see who transfers! For any questions please message the CO or GEN of Polaris. 


New Edit Gallery!

DHGShadowsEcho posted Aug 17, 15

Do you have edits for DHJ that you are afraid will go unoticed by the community? Worry no longer! With the new edit post forum located here you can post your graphic and it will be added to the community gallery! The site will be much more active and regularly updated now so encourage your fellow DHJ members to join the site and enjoy! Also, shoutout to  DHG Technology for making this amazing banner for the site! Remember we are more than a community... We truly are a family!

SRG SoBee lilo & stitch?
DHG Fuzzy Bunny ohana means family