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Dec 10, 14
Dec 10, 14
Dec 10, 14
i see u
Dec 10, 14
No, I see you O.O
Dec 10, 14
:sick: I see all of you
Dec 10, 14
Night ya'll. I'll talk to all of you when I remember to get onto the website tomorrow.
Dec 10, 14
Dec 10, 14
Dec 10, 14
For we will forever haunt your dream.............
Dec 10, 14
I don't dream.
Dec 10, 14
We all dream.
Dec 10, 14
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
Dec 10, 14
Yes yes .
Dec 10, 14
I'm in love with da Coco coco.
Dec 11, 14
I got Baking soda. I got Baking soda!
Dec 11, 14
Nom nom
Thu at 21:40
Thu at 23:38
My head itches but I can't scratch it. *Pats weave*
Fri at 16:18
hey you guys check this out and tell me what you think http://www.cinchgaming.com/support.php?type=8
Fri at 20:30
We are sponsored by Cinch..the Progressive sponsorship
Fri at 21:18
Oh ok
Fri at 23:12
The Official Advanced Warfare Clan for DHJ is now made. The name is DHJ so if you're in DHJ and want to do clan wars and clan things on COD , then join it
Fri at 23:44
Anybody want to get on AW 360 and do some recruitng now?
Mon at 2:45
If we met at midnight in the hanging tree
Tue at 14:42
It let me on at school!
Tue at 22:19
Wed at 2:54
Holy crap this website needs some more active people.
9 hours ago
i feel it...guys please encourage officers and your squads to get active on the website!
5 hours ago
hmmm new website
2 hours ago
Holy crap, that new website layout though.
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